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I had wanted to test drive a Mercedes, however the Seattle dealership I went to did not have the model I wanted, so they told me they found one at the Lynnwood dealership and called them to let them know I was coming to try it out. I called Lynnwood just to make sure, as it is a bit out of the way for me, and the receptionist said the model I was looking for was right there on the showroom floor and it shouldn't be a problem. After driving 45 minutes on my Sunday afternoon, I arrived at the dealership and there it was, just as she had said, sitting on the showroom floor. Martin, an older salesman with white "Einstein-ish" hair introduced himself and asked if he could help. I explained to him that a salesman from Seattle had sent me here so I could test drive the car, to which he replied, "interesting". He then took my driver's license to make a copy, while I went to go look at the car. Shortly thereafter, Martin returned and told me I couldn't test drive the car. It was being held for someone else. (Odd seeing as how the Seattle salesman had set it up not an hour beforehand) I explained to him that the Seattle dealership had called and set this up... That I had called to make sure it was there and I could test drive it, but Martin clearly didn't give a s*^% and had no qualms about letting me know it.

Now, while I can appreciate that he might have been disappointed that he had no chance of getting the commission from the potential sale as I had been sent by someone else, he could have been apologetic for the inconvenience, made up somewhat of a more believable lie or at the very least, NOT nasty, but instead, I got more of a "Sucks for you" vibe.

This is not the sort of customer service I expect from a Mercedes dealership or any business, for that matter.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

I didn't like: Lack of customer service.

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